Best Orthopedic Surgeons in PA: Dr. Soffer

17 November 2017,

If you are in need of PA orthopedic care, Dr. Stephen R. Soffer is an experienced, skilled, and trustworthy choice. He is an expert […]

Types of Shoulder Surgeries Performed by Dr. Soffer

7 November 2017,

The shoulder is a highly complex joint that is susceptible to a range of injuries, as well as issues caused by wear and tear […]

What Types of Elbow Treatments Does Dr. Soffer Perform?

25 October 2017,

Injuries to the elbow joint, as well as elbow conditions such as arthritis, can cause a great deal of pain and result in loss […]

Do I Need Torn Meniscus Surgery Or Not?

16 October 2017,

A meniscus tear occurs when the cartilage that cushions and stabilizes the knee joint is injured. It might occur while playing sports or lifting […]

Join Us for a Discussion on Concussions and Knee Injuries in Sports

5 October 2017,

Please join us for a discussion on concussions and knee injuries in sports on Tuesday, October 10. Dr. Soffer and Dr. Gill will be […]